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In recent days, Vivo has been releasing some teasers to create the advertising campaign for the upcoming Vivo X50 Pro. The mentioned device may become official on June 1 and in addition to the top specifications, it will make its debut with innovative camera solutions. Among them, we have the so-called image and video stabilization system that looks like a counterweight. According to Vivo, the feature is called “micro cloud” and offers a much better solution than traditional OIS systems.

The company explained the system with dual sphere suspension that allows the unit to rotate the image sensor by +/- 3º, three times the angle of a traditional system. In addition, the system is powered by two voice coils with a ribbon cable that connects the sensor to the smartphone. It folds twice to make it flexible enough. Interestingly enough, the module is larger than the current solutions found on smartphones. It occupies space up to 363 mm2 and has a thickness of 4.5 mm. Of course, Vivo had worked with engineers to reduce the size as much as possible. So the end result is what technology can achieve right now.

The micro-cloud system will be a huge improvement over the OIS standard

There is a promotional video that compares the micro cloud system to a standard optical image stabilization system. Interestingly enough, the gimbal system hardware will run in parallel with the EIS to produce more stable videos.

As usual, Vivo also shared a new promotional video that once again focuses on the micro cloud stabilization system.

The new report also compares the overall improvement of the Vivo X50 Pro compared to the X30 Pro. According to this, the new smartphone uses a special color filter that provides 39% more light. In addition, advanced image stabilization systems allow the camera to capture an impressive 220% more light. Based on this, it is safe to say that the new smartphone will offer one of the best video recording cameras, but what about images? According to the following teaser, the X50 Pro surpasses an anonymous handset with normal OIS.

The new smartphone will be officially released on June 1. It is not clear at this time whether more variants will be revealed at the same event. However, we also expect a vanilla Vivo X50 and X50 Lite. Below you can see the full infographic of the company giving all the details about the Vivo X50 Pro.

Vivo X50 Pro

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