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VIVO had applied for the iQOO Pad and iQOO Book trademarks in June and has now completed the paperwork and is under consideration.

Pad iQOOPad iQOO

On February 12, 2019, VIVO officially announced the new IQOO subcategory. On February 20, iQOO published information about the press conference for the new product. Finally, on March 1, iQOO held its first conference on new product launches in Shenzhen, China, and launched the new iQOO smartphone. As of now, IQOO has 10 smartphone models.


IQOO’s registration in the iQOO Pad and iQOO Book brands this time around may indicate that IQOO is preparing to enter the PC and tablet markets. However, it cannot be ruled out that IQOO is only a pre-registered trademark to avoid copyright infringement.

By the way, VIVO has registered trademark files such as the NEX Book and the NEX Pad.

So will the VIVO iQOO Pad and the iQOO Book be released?

Well, iQOO is a key part of VIVO’s dual brand strategy. While still unable to compete with Redmi and Honor in terms of sales volume, in all other respects, it is quite competitive. Like Redmi, it designs affordable phones with excellent performance. So if it is a mid-range smartphone, it will cost less than its rival. If it is a high standard model, you can get it for much less money than the top models on the market.

Recently, both Redmi and Honor have launched products for other niches. We mean they started to operate in other places like TWS headphones, laptops, various accessories and so on. So iQOO has to do. On the one hand, iQOO must do its best not to fall behind. But on the other hand, we (and iQOO) should ask if there is a strong background for such purposes. In fact, VIVO has released thousands of smartphones for various categories and a TWS headset, the TWS NEO. So there is neither tablet nor laptop. However, as mentioned above, the company has registered trademark files for NEX series tablets and laptops.

This could mean that the company is working on larger screen products and maybe, in the near future, we will see a VIVO / iQOO laptop as well as a VIVO / iQOO tablet. However, as there is no official comment on this, we tend to use it to prevent copyright infringement.

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