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Huawei has been with the US government for a long time. The company is already facing many bans from the US government, which is already trespassing on the smartphone business. The company will not be able to launch another flagship series after the Mate 40 series. This is due to the fact that it has no means of acquiring suitable processors. In all honesty, we have to give it to Huawei. Despite the US ban, the company is still the largest smartphone brand in the world.

Huawei ban

According to a recent report, the Commerce Department will further strengthen restrictions on Huawei’s access to US technology. The official website of the Ministry of Commerce shows that it is extending the rules of its foreign direct products. The new rules will further deter Huawei by circumventing U.S. laws. If there is a piece of American technology on the chip, Huawei can not use it.

To this ban, the US Department of Commerce has added several new rules. For example, products based on US software and technology may not be used to manufacture or develop components, components, or equipment manufactured, purchased, or ordered from any Huawei subsidiary (in the list of entities). In addition, the regulations also restrict Huawei from engaging in related transactions. Cannot participate as “buyer”, “intermediate recipient”, “end recipient” or “end user”.

If there is an American tec, Huawei cannot use it

The Commerce and Industry Bureau (BIS) of the Department of Commerce announced today that it will further restrict Huawei Technologies (Huawei) and its non-US subsidiaries to the list of in-house and outsourced entities using technology and software of the USA. In addition, BIS has added 38 subsidiaries of the Chinese maunfacturer to its list of entities. The BIS also imposes license requirements on any transactions involving a list of entities. These companies are subject to the control of the Ministry of Commerce, such as Huawei (either as a buyer, intermediary or end user). These actions take immediate effect to prevent Huawei from attempting to circumvent U.S. export controls for the acquisition of electronic components developed or manufactured using U.S. technology.

In May 2020, BIS revised its long-term foreign direct product (FDP) rules to target specific software and technology from Huawei. Today’s amendment further improves the FDP rules. This amendment further restricts Huawei’s access to foreign brands developed or produced using American technology.

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