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A Chinese artificial intelligence company has decided to sue Apple for alleged patent infringement related to Siri. He is seeking $ 1.4 billion in compensation from the American giant.

Siri: Chinese company sues Apple for $ 1.4 billion

Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co. sued Apple in a court in Shanghai, China, claiming that its products infringed its patent. It is a patent related to a virtual assistant, whose technical architecture is similar to that of iriSiri.

In the lawsuit, Shanghai Zhizhen wants Apple to immediately stop “producing, using, selling and importing” all patent-pending products. This new lawsuit is the culmination of many disputes between the two companies that have been operating since March 2013.

The patent infringement refers to the assistant Xiao-i, who was born as a chatbot for MSN and similar networks, to then migrate to other platforms, especially Android and iOS. The Chinese company obtained the patent in 2009, while Siri made its debut in 2011.

So Apple will have to justify this patent once again, an issue that could last for many more years.


Apple: profits and revenue exceed expectations in the last quarter

The company completed the third quarter of the fiscal year 2020 on June 27. The company recently released a report.

Revenue was $ 59.685 billion during the reporting period. On an annual basis, this index increased by 11%. The report clarifies that product sales brought in $ 46.529 billion and services – the remaining $ 13.156 billion. International sales accounted for 60% of quarterly revenue.

Operating income for the year increased from $ 11,544 to $ 13,091 billion and net income increased from $ 10,044 to $ 11,253 billion.

Note that operating expenses increased from $ 8,683 to $ 9,589 billion, including from $ 4,257 to $ 4,758 billion in research and development spending.

IPhones sold $ 26.418 billion in the quarter, Macs for $ 7.079 billion, iPads for $ 6.582 billion, laptops, home electronics and accessories for $ 6.450 billion. By comparison, in the third quarter of fiscal 2019, iPhones sold $ 25.986 billion, Macs sold $ 5.820 billion, iPads sold $ 5.023 billion, and portable electronics, home electronics and accessories sold $ 5.25 billion.

Apple usually unveils a new line of smartphones in September each year. This year, however, things should be different. Ultimately, COVID-19 significantly disrupted the company’s production and supply chain. The company recently confirmed that the new iPhone 12 series would be missing in the third quarter of this year. Instead of launching the new phones in September, the company will introduce the new phones in October. Now, a new report states that these headphones will be released in two stages.

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