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The American manufacturing giant, Apple, is going to make a fuss in the tablet and smartwatch market. The tablet market is not very lucrative and Apple has a firm grip on the market. The market received some attention during the peak of the pandemic, but this is not happening at the moment. As for the smartwatch market, it is more competitive. However, Apple has a place for itself. According to speculation, the company is preparing to present seven Apple iPad models and eight Watch Series 6 Watch models.

According to the Eurasian Economic Commission website, seven new iPads and eight new Apple Watch Series 6 are on the way. Their appearance on the EEC website suggests that their official release is not far off.

As of now, what we can see are seven new iPad SKUs. The most likely situation is that one or more models will arrive with multiple configurations. The new deposits in the EEC detected by Consomac to show that iPads work as iPadOS 14. In addition, all smartwatches run all watchOS 7.

Unfortunately, the EEC list does not contain detailed specifications for these devices. However, each of these devices comes with its own Apple ID number. These devices are probably new with some changes from one model to another. None of the model numbers have been completed in the ECC before this is an upgrade of a pre-existing device.

“Apple Watch Series 6” Model Numbers

  • A2291
  • A2292
  • A2351
  • A2352
  • A2375
  • A2376
  • A2355
  • A2356

New iPad model numbers

  • A2270
  • A2072
  • A2316
  • A2324
  • A2325
  • A2428
  • A2429

We firmly believe that the official release of these devices is very close. However, it is important to note that the arrival of a device in the EEC database does not guarantee release. However, it is unlikely that Apple will register a product in the EEC and not launch it. All Apple products pass through the EEC, so it is a technically necessary condition for circulation.

As of now, there is no indication of the exact release date for these devices. However, Apple’s iPad, which arrived at the EEC in June, finally hit the market in September. After this time frame, we expect these devices to be available September or October.

Remember that the iPhone 12 series will most likely arrive in October or November due to a delay of a few weeks. These devices may also arrive with the latest iPhone 12 series. However, there are also reports that Apple will hold a press conference where its latest release will be released. Watch series 6.

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