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Apple is the number one headphone manufacturer. AirPods are the most popular Bluetooth headsets on the planet. While you may not like these queues, this one is trendy. Of course, in addition to Apple, there are thousands of manufacturers offering similar products. But are they as good as the models mentioned above? Following the report from Android Police, we have huge doubts. And we are not talking about second-tier products from China or Taiwan. We are talking about the models of the Samsung Galaxy Buds series. They have a real problem and we do not know how the company will deal with it. At this time, there is no official comment on this.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Well, that’s what happened. Some users of Samsung headphones, including the Galaxy Buds and the new Galaxy Buds Live, have reported that using these headphones in warmer conditions makes the TWS beep infinite until you remove them and let them cool down.

In fact, it does happen when you wear it in direct sunlight. Once you wear them, after a few minutes, the Samsung Galaxy Buds starts ringing. What is more annoying, they will not stop until you get away from the sun and cool down. Users who have reported this say that it occurs when outside temperatures range between 90 and 100 ° F (32 to 37.7 degrees Celsius). Agree, this is normal summer in some areas.

One user wrote: “Well, I bought the new galaxy buds and for now, I’m using them. Every time I use them, after a while (about an hour of direct use) they start to warm up and feel warm. Is anyone else experiencing? And do you know if it is normal for headphones like these or not? “

Interestingly, we have never heard of such a problem either from Samsung or other leading manufacturers. And more annoying is the fact that the handset does not clearly warn the user that the product is overheating, but will continue to sound until it cools down. For people who live in hot climates, this almost makes the headphones useless.

Of course, no one is saying that Samsung Galaxy Buds are amazing products. But if it can only be used in selected areas and under certain conditions, many people will choose other headphones. Samsung has to explain it a bit.

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