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We are facing a difficult year in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and before a vaccine comes out, the only way to prevent the spread of the virus is to isolate people. This had a big impact on the world of technology, as the only event so far we had this year was CES 2020. Some of the most important events were canceled like MWC 2020 for health and safety reasons. Now, with countries beginning to adopt measures to end isolation, IFA 2020 seems to be scheduled and this year, Realme will be present at the event.

For the first time since its inception, Realme will be attending IFA Berlin

IFA Berlin is a popular technology trade show held in Berlin, Germany every year in early September. Usually, the event is open to the public, but this will not happen this year for obvious reasons. The organizers decided to keep the show open only to journalists and not to the general public. So far, it is not clear how many companies will attend the event. Samsung, for example, is moving away from the fact that it is a huge punch. Many companies can follow it, but as for Realme, the Chinese phenomenon will attend the event for the first time since its birth.

The announcement was made through the official Twitter handle of IFA. For obvious reasons, the organizers are excited about any new company confirming attendance at the event. Realme itself did not give us an official announcement. It is also unclear what products Realme will bring to IFA 2020. However, we can always expect new smartphones, but this is not the only thing. The company recently announced a new strategy with AIoT devices and lifestyle products. The company has already said that it is expanding its ecosystem through a new 1 + 4 + N strategy.


The new strategy is part of Realme’s long-term vision. According to Indian CEO Madhav Sheth, the new 1 + 4 + N strategy means 1 Core – Smartphones, 4 Smart Hubs and N AIoT products. You do not need to explain the company’s focus on smartphones. As for the Smart Hub section, it includes four product categories – Smart TV, Smart Watch, Smart Earphones and Smart Speaker. The smart speaker is not yet official. With regard to AIoT products, Realme states that “N” refers to its commitment to bring new AIoT and lifestyle products. The list of products in this category includes chargers, smart locks, smart plugs, smart scale and much more.

We believe that the new 1 + 4 + N strategy will play an important role in IFA 2020. However, do not hold your breath about it yet. After all, things are changing rapidly in 2020.

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