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Realme Mobile announced Today, Realme’s global users have exceeded 40 million. It took 6 months to increase from 25 million to 40 million. It has entered 59 markets worldwide and has grown into 9 TOP5 markets as well as global TOP 7 smartphone brands.

Is Realme an independent brand?

This brand was founded by OPPO in 2018. With just two years of existence, the subsidiary of OPPO Realme has become quite successful. Last year (and probably this year as well) this smartphone brand was the fastest growing company in the world, reaching the top 10 of the most popular smartphone brands with just two years of existence. While Realme operates quite independently of OPPO, it still shares its resources.

There was some confusing news last year saying that in the future, Realme could become a fully independent company. Therefore, it should no longer be a subsidiary of OPPO, but a new independent company in the BBK group. According to Chung Hsiang-Wei, CEO of Realme Taiwan, the company “will create its own ecosystem and production lines.” However, the spin-off will only happen if Realme keeps the crescent in its business. It seems to be happening since the company took 7th place in the top global missions.


However, Realme was quick to issue an official statement, saying “Realme mobile telecommunications private Limited is already an independent brand and legal entity. The company was officially founded on May 4, 2018 by the founders sky li and Madhav Sheth. We only allow OPPO to manufacture and distribute certain supply resources, as we do not have a factory in India, so we have outsourced OPPO as our OEM supplier and manufacturer. “

What role does it play?

However, we must understand that Realme has its own (and very important) role in OPPO’s strategy. Like other top brands, OPPO pursues a dual brand strategy. Huawei has price, Xiaomi has Redmi, VIVO has iQOO and OPPO has Realme. These “minor” brands play a role regulator. We mean that while the “major” brands are competing in the top market, spending millions on R&D, developing new approaches and technologies, and so on, these brands are using their achievements and appearing profitable. We mean that these brands do not have to spend money to develop new technologies. So they can offer smartphones (or other products for large masses) at lower prices. Although they all have high standard models, these models can not be considered truly flagship with the latest technologies.

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