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In recent years, there have been reports of companies that have obtained a license to supply chips to Huawei. A few days ago, there were reports that Qualcomm received licenses to supply Huawei. However, the latest report shows that Qualcomm cannot supply all brands to Huawei. For smartphone chips, the company can not supply more than 4G chips to Huawei. According to a report by the Daily Business News, Qualcomm has officially confirmed the reports. A company spokesman said, “We have obtained (at Huawei) licenses for certain products, including some 4G products.”

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However, Qualcomm did not disclose when it could start supplying 5G products to Huawei. Of course, we know this will not be possible at this time. Earlier this week, news broke that Qualcomm had acquired a Huawei license. KeyBanc, a well-known Wall Street investment bank, said earlier this week that Qualcomm had obtained an export license to supply 4G chips to Huawei.

On July 30, Qualcomm announced that it had reached a patent agreement with Huawei. The former will receive a $ 1.8 billion one-time patent fee. At the same time, Qualcomm also reached a long-term agreement with Huawei. It has authorized Huawei to use Qualcomm’s patented technology. At the Nov. 5 financial report meeting, the company confirmed that it had received a one-time payment of $ 1.8 billion from Huawei.

Other chip manufacturers have licenses to supply Huawei

In addition to Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, Skyworks and many other chip makers have confirmed that they are licensed to supply Huawei. There are also reports that Sony and Howe technology can supply Huawei.


Prior to the release of its financial report on November 5, its CEO Qualcomm stated that The company has applied to the US government for a license to sell brands to Huawei, but has not received any response..

ONE source near Huawei said Qualcomm’s license to supply Huawei would alleviate the “stuck neck” dilemma specifically for The Huawei P and Mate high-end series.

Huawei President Guo Ping revealed in a public speech that if the US allows it, Huawei is willing to use Qualcomm brands.

It now appears that the US will authorize companies to supply Huawei. However, the premise is that the technology will have nothing to do with 5G. With this current trend, it shows that Huawei’s ban is more than “national security”.

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