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On the last day of last month, two new OPPO TV products passed the 3C national certification. Certification information showed 55-inch and 65-inch models, respectively. As they have been certified, there is every reason to believe that the first OPPO TV will be on the market very soon.

In 2018, we predicted that other smartphone manufacturers will enter the smart TV market.

This afternoon, Liu Bo, vice president of OPPO and president of China, published an internal letter to partners in China today.

In the letter, Liu Bo said that “the completion of all things is a great opportunity that has been given to us since time immemorial, and the IoT is a new wave in this great opportunity. We have the overall thought and layout for this. Our IoT must formulate a strategy that focuses on the needs of users, believes in the power of simple focus and achieves the ultimate product one by one and ultimately is a powerful dynamic like the Go game. “After the release of smart bracelets and watches, our first smart TV will soon meet with consumers.”

Liu Bo said that “at the moment, many people consider smart TVs only as a substitute for traditional TVs. According to OPPO, the needs of many users for televisions have not been met. Our goal is to re-inspire users’ interest in smart TVs. It can become a staple in the smart home.

First, the variables resulting from 5G technology factors are unprecedented. High quality 4K and 8K images, the exciting high fidelity listening experience will soon enter the homes of millions of consumers.

Second, OPPO has accumulated rich experience in audiovisual electronic products since the era of MP3, MP4 and Blu-ray. In the high specs market, our Blu-ray player has created a legend of the era. And OPPO has always had the genes to create beautiful products. This is a good time to accumulate and take advantage of the situation. “

Liu Bo also revealed that the next generation is high-end Find The products enhance the research and development process. And it is expected to start in the first quarter of next year, changing the random release of Find from time to time and fulfilling the promise of a year ago.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

He also said in the letter that total sales this year are expected to increase to 100 million units on a previous basis. And sales in China are expected to grow more than 30% in the second half of the year.

Liu Bo said that OPPO’s total resources will have a relative trend at 5G. And the percentage of 5G smartphones will increase further in the second half of the year.

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