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The market for foldable smartphones is finally becoming a reality in 2020, now that it is slowly leaving the department “specialized”. However, the offer is still very small and Samsung easily surpasses any other company in the category with the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip series. While the Korean company has the market for folding smartphones under its belt, we are confident that other companies are studying the best way and the best design for their debut in this segment. Oppo is one of the Chinese brand gangs that wants to catch up with this growing trend.

A year ago, Oppo removed an original foldable smartphone at the MWC. However, time passed and nothing came of it. Since then, we have seen a plethora of patents showing the many design languages ​​the company is experimenting with. Today, a new patent emerged from LetsGoDigital and reveals a clamshell smartphone. It actually looks like an inverted Moto RAZR, but has a rather unique angle detection function.


Only one screen and camera

The clamshell form factor seems to be the best choice for those who want a real smartphone experience. After all, foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold series give a tablet-like experience. Oppo patent reveals a smartphone designed to fold with the screen remaining on the outside. It is a small smartphone that does not need a secondary screen on the outside like the MOTO RAZR or the Z Flip.

When the phone is folded, the camera doubles as a selfie snapper sitting on a large forehead. When unfolded, it becomes the rear camera of the device. Interestingly enough, this patent is quite similar to the prototype presented by Oppo at MWC 2019. However, the old prototype was a horizontal envelope rather than a vertical one.

The 3D renderings have been created by the team back LetsGoDigital. While trying to bring the concept of this patent to life, the placement of cameras and other elements in the construction involves a certain level of conjecture.

According to the patent, the Fold Angle detector will detect if the phone is “folded” or “unfolded”. It will customize all the user interface elements according to the way you use the handset. It also mentions a fingerprint scanner as well as an iris scanner. Many companies today do not bet on the Iris authentication method.

At the moment, Oppo and other Chinese companies seem to be waiting at Corning and others to develop reliable glass. While a patent reveals a “promising” device that does not need an extra screen or cameras, it may take some time to make it a reality.

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