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OPPO and Midea have formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the age of integration, businesses need to provide users with products and services with new experiences. On the one hand, they have to make constant discoveries in integration technology. On the other hand, industry partners are also needed to conduct open cooperation. Therefore, both parties hope to create a seamless smart living experience for users.

OPPO and Midea

In specific application scenarios, the use of Midea products and equipment in conjunction with OPPO smartphones and smart home applications can already achieve features such as auto-discovery, fast network distribution, Breeno voice control, smart scripts and convenient services. These significantly improve the user experience of Midea Midea electrical products. To date, the total number of users using Midea devices in the OPPO smart home application has exceeded 10 million. And the total number of users covered by the joint activities of OPPO and Midea has reached 120 million.

Chen Mingyong, founder and CEO of OPPO, said: “Implementing the strategy of mutual integration of all things is inseparable from the co-creation of many partners. OPPO has always pursued open cooperation and actively cooperates with partners to promote the ecological development of all things. The cooperation of the two companies will definitely give new imagination to the industry and will create a new technological experience for the users.

Fang Hongbo, President and President of the Midea Group, said: “Integrated digitization and intelligence is Midea’s current strategic focus. Midea will then work with OPPO to build the entire ecosystem, user functions, improve the user experience and domestic and foreign market channels. We will collaborate on development and other aspects to offer users a better experience. “

OPPO and Midea Joint Lab

In addition, OPPO will work with Midea to establish a cross-border joint laboratory, based on the in-depth connection of ColorOS and Midea products. They want to create a minimalist interactive experience and a differentiated stage experience. At the same time, based on the high quality operational resources of both parties, OPPO will also carry out joint venture activities with Midea. It will continue to expand user coverage of both parties and will continue to expand the online and offline channels of both parties worldwide.

Last year, OPPO’s IoT layout will accelerate. With the release of OPPO Enco series headphones, OPPO Watch smartwatch series, OPPO bracelets, OPPO 5G CPE T1 mobile routers and other products to achieve interconnection between devices. for partners, OPPO HeyThings has completed covering more than 30 brands, more than 50 categories and more than 300 SKUs. At the previous developer conference, OPPO also officially announced the arrival of smart TVs and the IoT layout will be further improved.

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