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OnePlus is today one of the most popular smartphone brands in India. Not surprisingly, the company focuses on the country as one of its largest strongholds. The company strategy in India is so aggressive that the company often makes its smartphone cheaper in India than in any other region. However, despite its popularity, the company still does not provide much availability. Now, the manufacturer will do more difficult for shoppers to buy their smartphones. OnePlus has placed an order with some retail partners.

According to a report by the All India Mobile Retailer’s Association (AIMRA), OnePlus has sent a message to offline retailers to stop online sales. Apparently, these stores have started selling their products online. This is not a big surprise, as the pandemic prevented users from entering the stores. OnePlus has backed the move, but has now sent a message to retailers urging offline retailers to stop selling online.

AIMRA President Arvinder Khurana says consumers will continue to shop online as the pandemic is not over and many new cases are reported daily. In addition, he submitted a request to OnePlus. Asks the company to postpone its decision to stop offline stores from online sales.

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“OnePlus must make its smartphones available to all retailers at the same time”

The organized retailer that includes 15 mobile phone retail chains in South India. He also wrote a letter to the smartphone maker asking them to reconsider. They also condemned OnePlus’ tradition of making phones that are connected to certain online partners. According to the Association, the company should put it to all retailers at the same time, to ensure fair competition. OnePlus 10 to 15 day availability gap attracts very little traction, hence a great loss of opportunities.

According to a representative of OnePlus, the company values ​​its relationship with offline partners. In addition, they know the role of this retailer in the success of OnePlus as a smartphone brand in India. However, he did not make any statement indicating whether the order will be returned or not.

This change comes at a crucial time for OnePlus. After all, the company has just launched the initial campaign to sell OnePlus Nord in the country. India acquires the cheapest OnePlus Nord units. However, it seems that customers will find it difficult to get it.

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