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OnePlus OxygenOS is one of the best and most complete Android skins shipped today. Interestingly enough, it manages to offer a complete customized experience without leaving all the smoothness that exists in a vanilla Android. The software has a number of unique applications, among which we have the OnePlus Gallery. The application is the default image and video collection application on all OnePlus smartphones. The company provides a new update for this particular application that promises to make it even more useful now.

OnePlus Gallery is the company’s answer to Google Photos

OnePlus usually likes to provide updates to make the OnePlus Gallery close to Google Photos. In May, the company introduced Google Lens integration, and in July, it added an image and video streaming option. Now, the company update in August introduces a nice feature that will allow OnePlus users to edit 4K @ 60fps videos.

The company’s add-ons will definitely make the OnePlus Device Show more complete than any other Gallery offer on the Android side. In addition, if you are familiar with the features of Google Photos, the company proprietary application works as a good replacement. It is interesting to see such a focus on an application that is usually barebones on most smartphones.

The company is currently adding a 4K @ 60fps video editing option to the OnePlus Gallery that allows basic features such as cropping as well as filtering and music. The tool can be useful for those with intermediate knowledge of video editing tools that just need some quick and practical changes.

In addition to the new video editing feature, the new firmware update also introduces support for viewing photos on OnePlus TV. Additionally, it fixes some issues with photo sharing, red, missing photos, and slow motion video editing. Getting new features is really easy! It only requires you to go to the Google Play Store and download the latest update. Updating availability in the store will make OnePlus fan day quite easy, as they will not have to wait for a software update to bring all the new features.

Change update of the OnePlus Gallery application

  • Fix issues such as sharing photos from the gallery, red color and missing photo
  • Slow motion video editor repair
  • Add photo view to OnePlus TV
  • Add 4K60fps video editing

It is worth noting that the update may be released automatically for most OnePlus devices. Therefore, check if the above functions are already available on your smartphone.

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