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Currently, the smartphone business is influenced by politics. The US bans Chinese companies and follows in the footsteps of other countries, including the United Kingdom. The United States has banned Chinese Tech Giant Huawei and banned any US company from cooperating with Huawei. And now popular Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat and TikTok, are also in danger of being banned in the US. But what does Nokia have to say about smartphone policy and business? Well, the new CEO of Nokia, Pekka Lundmark, does not want to deal with geopolitical entanglements.

Nokia CEO does not want to get involved in Geopolitical Agreements

Lundmark, who became chief executive officer on August 1, spoke about the current political events and how Nokia will react to them. As Huawei faces barriers to entering the global 5G mobile network market, Nokia will have more opportunities in the 5G network equipment market. The CEO in this case said:

“I think it would be a big mistake for individual companies to start promoting their political agenda. It is very important that businesses are simple and do what they have to do. We do not have a political agenda, we are a pure business. «

He also spoke about relations with other governments in an interview with the media:

“It’s extremely important that we have good relations with governments in almost every part of the world.”

It clearly states how important it is to have a good relationship with the government, as they do not want to end up as Huawei. In addition, the new Nokia said: “What we need to do now is preview the current plan and then develop a new plan on how to proceed.”

Will Nokia get the chance?

Nokia CEO does not want to get involved in Geopolitical Agreements

Earlier, when Huawei was banned by the US government, it brought the opportunity to the company. In addition, the UK also banned Huawei for 5G equipment, so not only the US but also the UK could give Nokia the opportunity to supply 5G equipment. But the real question is, will Nokia be able to prove it?

Nokia is behind its competitors in 5G equipment. And that’s why Nokia chose a new CEO.

“My goal is fixed, about ‘what we need to do next’ and by the end of the year we can say something more specific.” Said the new CEO.

Therefore, the new CEO already has plans and now is the opportunity Nokia very. But will Nokia seize this opportunity or fall as in previous years? Well, that’s too early to say. Hopefully the best for Nokia.


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