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The Xiaomi Mi 9T series was released last year. It is very popular in the world market for the specifications it offers. Also known as the Redmi K20 series in some areas. The Mi 9T was Xiaomi’s answer to the top OnePlus devices. However, now the 9T series is dating. And finally, many leaks and rumors about the 10T series are appearing on the Internet. Let’s see the recently leaked price of the Mi 10T series below.

Mi 10T prices

We now take a closer look at the expected pricing of the 10T series. And yes, the new leak rejects the previously rumored price of the 10T Pro at 699 euros. In comparison, the Mi 9T Pro came out at a price of 320 euros. And therefore, as you may have guessed, fans were disappointed with the price leak. Now there is good news for the fans. A new leak comes from Germany and stated that the Mi 10T will be cheaper than previous rumors.

According to the leak, the vanilla version of the Mi 10T will be priced at € 499 (~ $ 585), while the Pro version will be priced at € 599 (~ $ 703). This is 100 euros less than the previously rumored price. However, the pricing is not yet as aggressive as the Mi 9T series. But we should know that the Mi 10T series comes with many new features and therefore the cost will be more.

The Mi 10T series will give strong competition to the OnePlus 8T

Pricing Mi 10T

The leaks indicate that the Xiaomi The Mi 10T Pro will have a Snapdragon 865 chipset, which means that it will be a smartphone with 5G capability. In addition, there is a good chance that it supports a refresh rate of 144Hz. And the Mi 10T series will have a better camera setup this time. The Pro version is ready to carry a 108 megapixel primary sensor. This means that the Mi 10T series still aims to be a top killer series.

If the above leak is true and the 10T Pro is available at around $ 700, then it will once again give OnePlus strong competition. OnePlus is also launching the updated OnePlus 8T device. Therefore, there will be intense competition between the devices. It all depends on the price of both companies starting the devices.

A cheaper version of the Mi 10T is also expected. It will be called Mi 10T Lite and will cost around € 329 (~ $ 385). It will be a great offer for the Asian market. Let’s see at what price the Mi 10T Price will be released, we expect to hear more information from the company soon.


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