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While companies like Samsung and Huawei did their best to promote their foldable smartphones last year, we saw Motorola take a quiet path. Rumors were circulating, but we did not hear the same amount of fame. Finally, Motorola entered the so-called folding smartphone market with a revolution as a whole. The company presented the first smartphone with clamshell folding capability in the world. However, despite the originality and lack of such devices, the company had bet high on the nostalgic factor. Motorola’s first foldable device was the 2020 version of the classic Motorola Razr. Now, according to rumors, the company is making the same “silent move” to release the Motorola Razr 2.

An original idea was killed by bad standards

Despite the originality and all the nostalgia that drove the fans crazy, the handset suffered from some issues. First of all, it was not a flagship smartphone at all. The mid-range chipset had a low performance compared to its competitors. In addition, the quality of the camera was really lower. However, one of the main complaints is due to its battery. Motorola had to use a very small power cell. There are many aspects that Motorola needs to address in order to create a suitable successor to this smartphone. After all, companies like Samsung have already improved with the Galaxy Z Flip.

According to reports, Motorola is aware of the problems of the first Razr and is working hard to improve the Motorola Razr 2. The new handset may be released in September this year. According to Thibault Dousson, Lenovo’s General Manager for South Africa, this re-folding of the folding device is considered “generation two”. What do we expect from the second generation? That he corrects all the issues found in his predecessor, without sacrificing the unique appeal he brought to the market.

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Motorola RAZR 2 or Motorola RAZR 2020;

At present, the term “generation two” is rather vague. It could be a direct successor to the name, so we call it Razr 2, or a brand new device with another form factor. We can take the Galaxy Z Flip as an example, during the first leaks and reports, everyone called it Galaxy Fold 2, but in the end it was a completely different smartphone. Whether there will be a Razr 2, or the Razr (2020), we are very confident that Motorola will confirm in the coming months, before this scheduled September launch window.

This time, however, we expect to see the company adopt a top chipset. In addition, poor battery performance is something that users can no longer accept. Finally, the device must provide decent camera quality. After all, folding smartphones are not cheap.

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