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When the folding Moto RAZR smartphone came out, it made a big fuss. Many believed that he would not succeed. But as we have seen, this handset has become very popular in all the markets where it was released. This has inspired many other major smartphone makers. And most likely, we will see many new headphones with a similar form factor. But while Moto rivals are considering whether or not to launch similar models, this company has already prepared the next generation device. Today, one of the Weibo users posted some photos showing what the Moto RAZR 2 will look like.

As we can see, the second generation RAZR is more rounded at the edges than the previous generation. Also, the front of the fuselage is silver, which is consistent with the information previously exposed.

It seems that the rest of the design elements remain unchanged or have not changed much. Anyway, we have heard a lot about the upcoming Moto RAZR 2. So this is the right time to collect them in one place.

Moto RAZR 2 Leaks Features

Interestingly, before that, we found a patent, which shows that the smartphone will incorporate a folding screen and will have sensitive sides to the user’s touch. According to what is described in the patent, the side touch belt will consist of several sensors capable of combining 20 different functions. Corresponding to the recognition of 20 different gestures. We mean that rounded edges should not be added on their own. They will have a specific function.

Well, in terms of material, not everything is as attractive as the look. The Motorola RAZR 2 will be released with Snapdragon 765 (not Snapdragon 765G). So, once again, the Motorola foldable device will be under other foldable phones with top material. The Snapdragon 765 is good, but its performance can not even surpass the Snapdragon 855+ found on the Z Flip. Processing power will be combined with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of physical storage.

The device itself is expected to feature a flexible 6.2-inch internal P-OLED display, while the external secondary display is said to have a hit of up to 2.7 inches. Motorola is also expected to upgrade the cameras to the RAZR with a 48MP sensor on the back and a 20MP selfie shooter under the front notch, as opposed to 16MP and 5MP on the predecessor respectively.

Finally, as for the release date, it is initially said that it hit the market in September. However, there have been other rumors suggesting that the phone will not hit the market this year.

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