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The development of smartphones is consistently yielding results and some of the results are quite interesting. Recently, there have been reports that Google is working on a double-bottom gesture feature on the back of a phone. By double-tapping the back of the smartphone, users can activate certain functions. These features include the camera, Google Assistant, music playback and pause, etc. Of course, Google’s work focuses on Pixel devices running Android 11. Now, there are indications that the Xiaomi MIUI 12 also works in a similar mode.


According XDA Developers, the code in the latest MIUI version 12 indicates that Xiaomi is also developing a tap gesture function on the back of the device. The taps will be double or triple taps and these taps will activate different energies. The code in MIUI 12 indicates that this feature is in active development. According to the XDA, this feature is not currently enabled on the Redmi Note 7.

Nevertheless, the range of Xiaomi rear faucet function will be quite different from that of Google. It looks like Xiaomi is looking take screenshots, turn on the lens, start the control center, start the camera, or open the notification center. These are the characteristics that double or triple taps must activate. However, as this feature is still in development, it could offer more after its official release.

Apple has successfully implemented this feature in iOS 14 and allows users to double-click and triple-click on the back of the phone to launch various functions. It now appears that the Xiaomi MIUI 12 is also considering similar features.

It is not yet known when Xiaomi will release this feature to users. We can only hope that it will start as soon as possible.

MIUI 12 has a lot to offer

According to MIUI engineers, MIUI 12 is self-researched and rebuilt from its pre-existing technology. Xiaomi officials stress that MIUI 12 is very realistic no matter how you use the system. MIUI desktop icons also achieve elegant spatial movement.

In addition, MIUI 12 enhances privacy by bringing three privacy features: flares, surveillance nets, and hidden masks. MIUI 12 flare faithfully records all the sensitive behaviors of the application and presents them to you. It is worth noting that this system brings a global free window. When a message arrives, you can drag it down to enter small window mode and drag it up to exit. For apps that only need status view, drag to the corner of the screen to hang.

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