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The release of the iPhone 12 is approaching with big steps: In early September, Apple will present its new iPhone models to the public. There are now leaks about the capacity of the batteries installed in it. If true, some users may be surprised.

The iPhone 12 will have batteries with a smaller capacity than its predecessors

The competent authority in South Korea has certified three new Apple batteries. The sync indicates that they are the batteries of the iPhone 12 series. The new iPhone will also be released in three different sizes. The batteries are supposed to have 3687, 2775 and 2227 mAh. If this information is true and the batteries are really for the next iPhone models, at least two of them will be lower than their respective predecessors.

For comparison: The iPhone 11 has a 3110 mAh battery. If Apple installed the weakest of the three new batteries in the iPhone 12, it would be 2227 mAh – and therefore a total of 883 mAh less. This does not matter if your device’s running time is important to you.

The difference between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro will be 271 mAh smaller. The smartphone from 2019 has a capacity of 3046 mAh. Also, the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be inferior to its predecessor in this area: The iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a 3969 mAh battery – a reduction of 282 mAh.

IPhone 12 battery

What about RAM?

According to the latest reports, the two Pro models of the iPhone 12 must be equipped with 6 GB of RAM – a 50% increase over their predecessors. The standard version, however, is supposed to have only 4 GB of RAM.

Apple will release the iPhone 12 in four versions in total. The smaller version will be slightly larger than the iPhone 5s despite the 5.4-inch diagonal screen. In terms of design, you can expect a combination of iPad Pro and iPhone 4. In early September 2020, we will learn more – including pricing for individual versions.

The following is a comparison of the battery capacity of the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and iPhone XS series:

iPhone 12:

  • iPhone 12 (5.4 inches) – A2471 – 2227mAh
  • iPhone-12 Max (6.1 inches) – A2431 – 2775mAh
  • iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches) – A2431 – 2775mAh
  • iPhone-12 Pro Max (6.7 inches) – A2466 – 3687mAh

iPhone 11:

  • iPhone 11 (6.1 inches): 3 110 mAh
  • iPhone-11 Pro (5.8 inches): 3,046 mAh
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches): 3,969 mAh

iPhone X:

  • iPhone-XR (6.1 inches): 2 942 mAh
  • iPhone XS (5.8 inches): 2 658 mAh
  • iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches): 3,174 mAh

Remember that this is just a rumor for now and we will let you know as soon as new information is available.

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