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Since the beginning of 2020, we have heard rumors of 120Hz on the newest iPhones. However, for all those who are waiting for a screen with a high refresh rate, we have some bad news from Industry Insider Ross Young. He has a good track record of Apple products judging by his recent predictions. Now, he says that the iPhone 12 Pro will not have a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

According to him, people in the supply chain say that 120Hz OLED panels are safe and ready to build. However, Apple does not seem to be finding IC drivers to drive the pixel at 120Hz. Instead of waiting for these ICs, the company reportedly makes its debut on the new 60Hz smartphone. The version of the iPhone 12 series was launched in October, waiting for the 120Hz IC will definitely push it further back.

This can be a huge disappointment for some Apple fans. Ultimately, the industry has already moved and 120Hz is becoming the standard for most flagships on the Android side of the coin. Some of these flagships even reach 144Hz.

Despite the lack of a high-refresh screen, the smartphone will still be packing other advanced hardware. The list includes Apple’s brand new 5nm chipset and 5G connectivity.

Apple will discontinue the iPhone XR, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

As we talk about the new iPhone, another report appeared yesterday that tells us about the future of the former iPhone series. According to this report, the successful iPhone XR will gain the release of the iPhone 12. Instead of further reducing the price of this handset, Apple will discard it and replace it with the iPhone 11. Last year’s successor for the iPhone XR will reduce its price by $ 150. The company also has the iPhone SE 2020 on the budget line.

iPhone 12 tera tela de 120 Hz, 6 GB de RAM και custará 649 US $ ...

The company will continue and discontinue the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Obviously, there is no reason for Apple to keep selling these devices after the announcement of their respective successors. Any price reduction in last year’s model would not be so interesting for customers. Ultimately, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will certainly surpass their predecessors. The new models come with more advanced chipsets with 5nm architecture and improved cameras. In addition, you will be able to surf at the amazing speeds of the fifth generation network.

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