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Judging by the new data published on the Web, Apple smartphone fans will have to pay a lot to join the 5G club. The most affordable fifth generation smartphone from the company will be the iPhone 12 $ 1,000. But what about the iPhone 12 mini, which has been talked about a lot lately? Unfortunately, it will not receive support for 5G.

This was confirmed by Wall Street Journal analyst Tom Forte. At the same time, the smartphone still costs $ 700. A lot, since the same amount is demanded in the US for a brand new Galaxy S20 FE 5G. And the new flagship OnePlus 8T, also with 5G support, will not be much more expensive.

The rest of the iPhone 12 series will support 5G. Prices start at $ 1000 for the iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen. The iPhone 12 Pro with the same diagonal screen will cost $ 100 more. Well, the most expensive will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max in price, according to various sources between $ 1200-1300.

The iPhone 12 will premiere on October 13, according to the latest data.

IPhone 12 series

The performance of the iPhone 12 mini can be disappointing due to the Apple B14 chip

This year, the announcement of the next generation iPhone has been delayed. The exact release date has not yet been announced. But that does not stop confidentialists and analysts from putting forward their own versions of event development.

Among the most common audio dates for the supposed presentation of the iPhone 12 is called October 13th. Although there are those who believe that Apple is superstitious and is unlikely to host the event on the 13th, so they are waiting for the announcement of the new products on the 20th of October.

It is expected that among the new products there will be a place for the smaller iPhone, which can be called iPhone 12 mini, and will receive a 5.4-inch screen. This model has the opportunity to become the best-selling smartphone in the new line of Apple devices. Some cite a weaker chipset than other members of the iPhone 12 series as a cost-cutting factor.

For example, network whistleblower @MauriQHD claims that Apple has created a mid-range B14 chip. Its appearance is supposed to be a result of the company’s desire to minimize the price and offer an affordable model. In fact, they took the Apple A14 Bionic as a base, but “tightened” the core frequency. It is possible that the iPhone 12 mini is not the only smartphone of the company where the new chip will find its use. It can also be installed on the upcoming iPhone SE Plus as well.

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