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According to a tipster who is very credible when it comes to things related to Apple, the Cupertino-based company will finally unveil the iPhone 12 family on September 8. The new smartphones will be unveiled alongside the new Apple Watch Series 6. In addition, leakster suggests that the new iPad Pro, the rumored Apple Glass and MacBooks with Apple’s internal ARM chips will appear on October 27.

It is worth noting that this is not confirmed. But given Apple’s choice of dates in the past, September 8 makes sense. In 2019, the company unveiled the iPhone 11 series on September 10, Tuesday. This year, September 8 will also be Tuesday. If you are familiar with the nature of Apple, you know how the company enjoys keeping things on schedule. In addition, the report shows that a new iPad will hit the shelves very soon. In addition, the AirPower charging pad for iPhone and AirPods will also come. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and possible restrictions, the event will be web streaming.

As for the possible event on October 27, we may see a new MacBook and MacBook Pro 13. Both probably come with Apple’s silicone chipset. As you may know, the company rejects Intel chipset in favor of an ARM solution. For this reason, macOS is changing dramatically to support ARM-based applications. This will allow the new MacBooks to offer support for iPhone and iPad applications. The company will finally unveil the Apple Glass project and the new updated iPad Pro.

Relat lario reforça lançamento do iPhone 12 από το October  model 5G ...

We advise you to take these rumors with a little or two salt. While they are on par with previous leaks and speculation, we still have to wait for Apple’s official confirmation.


In addition to the new cameras, there is more information about the newer iPhones. Unfortunately, this piece is not so exciting. Three Apple batteries have been certified by the South Korean authorities. Sync indicates that these batteries will fit in the new iPhone 12 series. The new headphones will be available in three sizes with different battery capacity. The batteries are supposed to have 3,687 mAh, 2775mAh and 2227 mAh. If this information is accurate, the batteries are intended for future iPhone models. However, at least two of them would be lower than their respective predecessors.

Despite the less capable batteries, the newer models probably come with improved camera lenses.

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