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The smartphone industry is evolving consistently and the growth rate in recent years is fast. Back in the day, phones were tiny devices with small screens. We can not say the same with today’s smartphones. Apple iPhones have come a long way since Steve Jobs introduced the Virgin iPhone on January 9, 2007. After that, we saw the commercialization of the 3G network. To that end, Apple dropped the iPhone 1 and released the iPhone 3G in 2008. In June 2009, the company announced the iPhone 3GS. This article looks at a “ten year challenge” from Apple. What did we have in 2009 and what did we get in 2019?

iPhone 11 Pro Vs.  iPhone 3GS

Even in third world countries where you find older iPhones, the iPhone 6 is probably the oldest active iPhone you can find. Thus, during a purge, a close ally stumbles iPhone 3GS from the corner of the drawer a few days ago. After charging the battery, the well-known Apple LOGO was activated. We need to hear it long click click unlock sound. This smartphone is a complete history, but here we are with an active iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 3GS was a hit of the day because it is the first iPhone to use 32 GB of memory. With the introduction of the Apple Store with the iPhone 3 a year earlier, it was clear that 16 GB would not cut it. Even in China, iPhone 3GS sales were huge. On October 31, 2009, the first official sales of this smartphone took place on Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing. There was a total outage that day with a number of people trying to buy this device.

Ten years later, the Apple iPhone 11 series released last year became an “arcade”. The hardware configuration and software functions of both smartphones differ. If two iPhones are separated by ten years together, maybe we can see more clearly the progress of the iPhone in the last ten years.

iPhone 11 Pro Vs. iPhone 3GS – Design & screen

The iPhone 3GS uses a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 480 × 320. With a compact and sleek body design, there is no pressure on one-handed operation. The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, boasts a 5.8-inch screen. The resolution is 1125 x 2436 pixels, which is a huge increase from ten years ago. While Apple has increased the screen size, the one-handed operation on the iPhone 11 Pro is still cool.

iPhone 11 Pro Vs.  iPhone 3GS

Of course, there is another huge improvement in the iPhone 11, the body material. While the iPhone 3GS manages a rough-textured plastic body, the iPhone 11 Pro uses one glass body + middle frame made of stainless steel. Without a doubt, the iPhone 3GS is easier to operate with one hand due to its small size. However, the texture and functionality of the entire iPhone 11 Pro is a huge leap from 10 years earlier.

Looking at the screen of the iPhone 3GS, you can see this huge ugly frame at the top and bottom. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a huge improvement using a notch screen. In addition, the bottom frame is as thin as the sides, another advantage. Looking at the size hoops, it seems that ten years have not changed much. There is a difference (but not significant) in the fineness of the side panel on both devices.

iPhone 11 Pro Vs. iPhone 3GS – Camera

The first generation iPhone (2G network) and the second generation iPhone 3G use a 1.2MP camera. However, the iPhone 3GS comes with an upgrade, it uses a 3.2 MP camera from OmniVision. It also adds Video capture and autofocus functions. Ten years later, the iPhone 11 Pro still uses these features, not much improvement if you ask me. However, let’s look at some sample images

It may seem that even in a well-lit scene, the look and feel of the photos taken by the iPhone 3GS is still full of “age”. Low pixels, lack of HDR and other congenital defects are evident. In addition, there there are often shortcomings in the best moments of his images. The details are not clear and in the dark, they are completely lost.

In contrast, the iPhone 11 Pro on the right, thanks to hardware advantages such as higher pixels, optical image stabilization and software optimizations such as smart HDR and AI, the overall look and feel of the photos is even better than some SLR / card input.

In low light conditions, the image quality of the iPhone 3GS will collapse quickly, accompanied by a lot of noise. With iPhone 3GS, forget to take a picture in the dark why methe hat waiting for you will be an almost black photo. After all, the iPhone 3GS does not support the so-called “night mode” and there is no flash filling light. What can be photographed at night depends entirely on the “will of God”.

The upper and lower recording capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro are much higher. Even in scenes with almost no natural light sources, the iPhone 11 Pro relies on “night mode” software optimization. It can also succeed in recording, no matter what. In addition, there is a rear flash that can act as a complementary light source.

iPhone 11 Pro Vs. iPhone 3GS – Hardware and software

In terms of software, iPhone 3GS is pre-installed with iPhoneOS 3 and has been upgraded to iOS 6.1.6. The new flat design of iOS 7 excludes the iPhone 3GS from the list of supported devices, so iOS 6.1 .6 is also the latest iOS version supported in the iPhone 3GS history.

As an almost “end point” of implementation, we look at what iOS 6 has to offer and it is actually a bit annoying. Take minutes like the classic slider to unlock sound effects, the moving shutter roll when opening the camera, etc.

iPhone 11 Pro Vs.  iPhone 3GS

In terms of processor, the iPhone 11 Pro has an Apple A13 Bionic processor (7 nm +). However, the iPhone 3GS uses a Samsung APL0298C05 65nm chip. I guess a lot of people don’t know there was ever a 65nm process.


As we would expect, there is a significant upgrade over the last 10 years. We see upgrades in almost every aspect. From hardware to software, design to display, there is a significant improvement. Ten years is a sign, a summary of the past and a vision for the future again. Maybe ten years later, we will look back at the current iPhone 11 Pro.

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