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After a long trial period, Apple finally developed the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 firmware last week. As usual, these new releases were already outdated, as the company already has a lot of changes to introduce through a new version called iOS 14.2. Today, this particular version is arriving all devices registered in the Public beta. As usual, the new firmware brings a number of minor changes as the main ones were introduced with the 14th iteration of the software. If you did not know, iOS and iPadOS are quite similar, but the latter has some features and changes that focus on the tablet.

The “Public” tag in this beta means that anyone with a valid Apple ID and a suitable iPhone or iPad device can sign in to beta mode. As mentioned above, the new firmware is about gradual changes. Brings a music recognition feature to the Control Center. Incorporates Shazam. In case you did not know that Apple has acquired this company for a long time. In simple words, he can recognize the music that plays in the environment. In addition, it allows us to identify music that plays in specific applications, movies or videos.

New Widget and new COVID-19 central feature

The update also introduces a “Now Playing” widget for the control center. It will display recently played music. Widgets support is one of the great innovations of iOS 14. For this reason, we expect to see Apple improve and introduce interactive Widgets with useful shortcuts. In addition, the update brings a new interface for AirPlay. Finally, the new firmware brings a new feature “Detect people”.

Detects how far a person is standing from you. Well, it’s a nice feature that currently plagues COVID-19, as experts say it is best to be at least 1 meter away from another person. Apple again gives a feature that will fit perfectly in today’s reality. If you are familiar with watchOS, you will know that in the last update, the company received a hand wash assistant. Another feature that focuses on the current pandemic.

We will probably see a steady mood next month along with the iPhone 12 series

Apple will continue to collect user feedback from the iOS 14.2 update and in the coming weeks, we may see a global release. In fact, we expect the steady release of updates to coincide with the release of the iPhone 12 series. All four devices can ship with iOS 14.2 directly out of the box. As the company organizes an event, we will not be surprised to see iOS 14.2 released a little later.

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