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Huawei has already confirmed that Mate Series 40 will arrive as planned and if the latest rumors are true, the company could work on a range of products, including the next-generation Mate X folding device The Mate X2 is expected to have an inward folding mechanism unlike its predecessor and sports screens from both Samsung and BOE.

Evan Blass, a trusted consultant, has leaked a set of name codes for upcoming products, including the folding Mate X2 device. According to him, it will be code-named Teton. Although he did not include more information, Ross Young from DSCC has commented below for more details on the upcoming folding Mate X2.

Goodbye abroad Flex

He said the Mate X2 will have a foldable interior like the recently released Galaxy Z Fold. This is not surprising older design from a patent had shed light on the original appearance of what the Mate X2 might look like when folded inwards.

The patent filed with EUIPO showed a similar form factor to the older Mate X and had a vertical sidebar with a secondary display. It also shows an internal folding screen with a stylus placed under the vertical housing on the side.

That said, Huawei may have modified the final design, but we can only imagine a similar design for now.

Huawei Mate X

BOE and Samsung provide folding screens for the Mate X2

Going forward, Ross also mentioned that the screen on the Mate X2 will come from both the Samsung Display and the BOE from China. This is a great achievement for the BOE as the company is gaining the trust of Chinese companies more than before.

Recently received orders for OLED in the cell screens for the upcoming Mate 40 series. Although we do not know exactly how many orders it received for the Mate X, it is one step closer to success for the company.

CPI instead of UTG: Will it be durable?

Returning, Ross also pointed out that the display panel will use CPI (colorless polyimide) instead of UTG (ultra-thin glass) and that is unfortunate if that is the case. We already know that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses an ultra-thin glass and this is more durable than the plastic cover which is prone to scratches and dents easily.

However, details such as the order quantity for BOE, Samsung and the specifications of the device are still a mystery. Regardless of the quality, the Mate X2 will be the first foldable display device from Samsung and that is the least exciting.

Apart from that, Blass also revealed code names for devices such as the Nova, Y9a, FreeBuds Pro and Watch fit which are probably the next smartwatch from Huawei. Let’s wait for more information about the development of these products.

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