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Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei is still looking for ways to deal with the numerous bans on the US and other countries. As the US included Huawei and its subsidiaries in the list of entities, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei was quite vocal. However, in recent months, we have not heard much from him. A few weeks ago, he led a team to visit various Chinese universities. Universities include Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Southeast University, and Nanjing University.

Ren Zengfei

Huawei will not hate the US

The impact between the US and Huawei has attracted so much attention. During the visit, Ren Zengfei also expressed his views on this. He said: “The desire to survive inspires us to find a way to be saved. No matter what, we will never hate the United States. It is simply the push of certain policies and does not represent American companies, American schools and American society … We still have to stick to the path of self-improvement and transparency. “If you want to be really strong, you have to learn from everyone, including your own enemies.”

Ren Zhengfei openly said that “some politicians in the United States want us to die.” He said: “We also want to light the ‘beacon’ of 5G, but as soon as the ‘race’ was over, the United States hit us with a ‘big stick’ and hit us unconsciously. At first I thought there was something wrong with our compliance system and I thought about it. As a result, the second, third and fourth bars were hit “.

In Ren Zengfei’s view, the unknown of the future tech world is like a darkness that requires a beacon. The responsibility for lighting the beacon of the future will undoubtedly rest with colleges and universities. China’s future and revitalization depend on children and children depend only on education.

Many analysts believe that the US ban on Huawei is more than national security. At this time, Huawei cannot buy smartphone brands either directly or indirectly. Because of Huawei, the US regulates the business model of every company that uses its technology. MediaTek, TSMC and many other non-US companies cannot work with Huawei. This is because they use American technology in their manufacturing process. So far, China has not returned. It has not been banned by any American company. In fact, it is the new US laws (especially for WeChat) that are trying to destroy US companies in China.

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