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Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei is currently fighting for its survival. However, this does not prevent the company from launching new products. A few days ago, Huawei launched a smart camera to monitor highways. This device has features such as a dual-function Super Starlight AI dome, panoramic + detail in all weather conditions and front-end intelligence.

Huawei AI dual function highway tracking smart camera

The cameras generally used in high speed industries are mainly gun cameras or dome cameras. These devices typically have a focal length of over 100 mm and a 20x optical zoom. When zooming in and out, the global viewing angle will be lost.

The Huawei AI dual-function dome camera combines Huawei mobile phone technology and adds a 5mm lens to a dome camera. With this design, it achieves a 220 mm telephoto lens and a 5 mm wide-angle lens. The 220 mm telephoto lens uses a 4MP sensor and supports 40x zoom. In addition, it can monitor the details of the event at any time from 20-1000m depending on the needs.

The 5 mm wide-angle lens has a large aperture of F / 1.0 and a large field of view. This allows the camera to cover a very wide scene without blind spots. The two work together to achieve detailed and overall visibility, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional PTZ cameras.

At present, Huawei has launched the intelligent highway tracking camera with 7 incident detection algorithms, such as parking detection, reversal detection, pedestrian intrusion, object debris, congestion detection, cluster detection and fog detection.

It also supports 9 diagnostic video quality scenarios such as snow, color transmission, image freeze, gain imbalance, camera shake, streak noise, etc.

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