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The Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is one of the most important players in the 5G manufacturing era. Despite the ban and restrictions from the US and its allies, Huawei’s 5G contract remains strong. Recently, Huawei president Guo Ping took part in the “Light Up Shenzhen, 5G Smart City” press conference. According to him, 92 operators around the world are working together to develop 5G commercial networks. He also said that 5G users worldwide now exceed 100 million.

Huawei and ZTE 5G India

In addition, Guo Ping said that Global 5G development will end soon. After this phase, we will then focus on the next phase which is the development of industrial applications. The The commercial success of 5G requires the integration of cloud computing, AI and other technologies and applications.

Smart cities need three networks – Guo Ping

Guo Ping believes that in order for a smart city to function effectively, it needs three networks.

The first is a city operation and management network that “can see, use and think”. In the future, a more advanced scene-based service system and a smarter decision-making system will be required. To achieve the above two systems, it is necessary to be able to “stab to the end” to perceive and provide real-time feedback on the vital signs of the city’s core unit. You will also need one smart detection network based on smart connection to 5G kernel.

The second is the need for a “chimney” data system that can open vertical systems such as procurement, offices, offices, industries, etc. and perform extensive data interconnection so that a network is integrated and manages a network.

The third and most important thing is the integration of artificial intelligence in data and applications, the transformation of urban knowledge into capabilities and artificial intelligence in the business processes of various procurement, offices and offices to enhance the smart experience and create a smart 5G city. .

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