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The battle between big technology companies will last forever. But they also work together. Some of them are good at building software applications, some are good at creating new form factors, and still others know how to make devices work better. So their cooperation is beneficial for regular users. In this respect, Google and Apple work together in many ways. But when it comes to maps, Apple has decided that it does not need Google’s service. In turn, Google removed its Maps from Apple Watches. Yesterday, Google said it would restore Google Maps to Apple Watch.

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Google quietly removed the app from Apple Watch in 2017. At the time, it said it would most likely restart the service in the “future”. At the time, analysts suggested that although fitness apps performed well on the device, other apps were not yet suitable for the watch.

The new Google Maps Apple Watch app works similarly to the iOS version of the app. Apple Watch users can access navigation solutions for cars, bicycles, public transportation, or walk through the app. When you use a saved destination (such as company or home), the app supports estimated arrival time and detailed instructions on the Apple Watch. For other destinations, you need to start navigating the iPhone. And then the Apple Watch will get the navigation instructions.

According to IDC, the Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world, with a market share of over 28%. But when the watch was first released in 2015, there were some limitations. Let’s say it did not have its own network signal and many applications had only basic functions.

A Google spokesman declined to comment on why the company initially removed the map app from Apple Watch and why it is now returning. But all Apple Watch should be very happy because Google Maps is very useful in everyday life.

Google Maps

In addition, Google has also updated the map application for Apple CarPlay. The latter can now display a map split view and other control functions, including music playback or calendar items.

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