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In recent years, the Google Pixel series has established itself with some of the best smartphone cameras. However, this is not accompanied by the use of advanced hardware. Instead, the company uses an advanced set of algorithms in the Camera Application – GCAM or Google Camera. It is a powerful application that drives all the insane features found in a Google Pixel smartphone and any other device with GCam Mods features. In addition to the incredible look that this app offers, there are some annoying features. This is something that everyone who uses Google Camera has learned to deal with. One of the best examples is how the application’s file management policy handles portrait images.

For each portrait shot, Google Camera creates a special folder for storing two images. One has the applied blurred background processing, very characteristic of Potret Shots, the other is the standard photo. This management is very confusing, especially if you use any Gallery application other than Google Photos. It took several years, but Google finally realized how annoying this feature can be.

A new name scheme for the Google Camera 7.5 update

According Android Police, starting with update V7.5, this is no longer the case. Vertical shots will be saved in the main camera folder. In addition, the upcoming movies will be called different overall. Under the new contract, the portraits will now be named “PXL_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.PORTRAIT-01.COVER.jpg” – 01 will be replaced with 02 for the image without the blur applied. This is much better than the previous name scheme which was also very confusing.

It is worth noting that the new update will change the way regular downloads are called. They will be named “PXL_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg”. Of course, this will vary depending on the photo mode used. For example, motion pictures will add an “MP” before the .jpg extension. Night shots will be displayed with a “NIGHT”. As a result, you will be able to recognize each photo much easier when navigating to a file manager or even a computer. Another interesting development is that the prefix “PXL” will replace the “IMG” of the old one.

As mentioned above, these changes will only appear in the Google Camera 7.5 update. It is currently in beta and only supported by Android 11. We believe that the official release of the new application will take place in parallel with the unveiling of Pixel 5. Google often drops mass updates for the GCam application with newer Pixel phones. We have at least two more months to wait.

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