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Apple completed the third quarter of the 2020 budget period on June 27. The company published a relevant report yesterday.

Apple: profits and revenue exceed expectations in the last quarter

Revenue was $ 59.685 billion during the reporting period. On an annual basis, this index increased by 11%. The report clarifies that product sales brought in $ 46.529 billion and services – the remaining $ 13.156 billion. International sales accounted for 60% of quarterly revenue.

Operating income for the year increased from $ 11,544 to $ 13,091 billion and net income increased from $ 10,044 to $ 11,253 billion.

Note that operating expenses increased from $ 8,683 to $ 9,589 billion, including from $ 4,257 to $ 4,758 billion in research and development spending.

IPhones sold $ 26.418 billion in the quarter, Macs for $ 7.079 billion, iPads for $ 6.582 billion, laptops, home electronics and accessories for $ 6.450 billion. By comparison, in the third quarter of fiscal 2019, iPhones sold $ 25.986 billion, Macs sold $ 5.820 billion, iPads sold $ 5.023 billion, and portable electronics, home electronics and accessories sold $ 5.525 billion.

Qualcomm Tips: The release of the Apple iPhone 12 series will be postponed

Apple usually releases its iPhone news in September each year. However, with all the problems in 2020, this cannot happen this year. According to previous reports, due to the limited offer, the release of the next generation iPhone 12 series will be postponed for October or November of this year. Recently, Qualcomm’s recent statement suggests that at least some iPhone 12 models will not be available in September as usual.

IPhone 12 series

Qualcomm announced its financial report for the third quarter and also shared some expectations for the next quarter. In this report, the company claims that Delaying a 5G phone will affect Q4 shipments. It is worth noting that Qualcomm Q4 covers July, August and September sales. With this statement, there is speculation that the “5G flagship phone” is the iPhone 12 series.

In addition, Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala also hints that some of Qualcomm 5G chips are ready for shipment in September. However, the buyer delays shipping until the end of the year. Although Qualcomm did not name any companies, there are a number of reasons why many believe it refers to Apple.

For starters, Apple’s flagships are one of the few devices with a possible release date in September. Second, there is almost no other flagship whose market will significantly affect Qualcomm’s mission.

After reaching a settlement of $ 4.5 billion last year, Apple is expected to announce four new iPhone 12 models that support 5G networks this year. All iPhone 5G will arrive with a Qualcomm modem. These iPhone 12 models will include support for two 5G versions: sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, recent reports claim that the iPhone 12 series will be released in late October or early November.

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