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With the recent ban affecting many Chinese companies, it is no surprise that Huawei hopes China can become a hub for innovation. Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei recently visited Southeast China University. Mr. Rehn had more than two hours with available specialists. He compares the cutting edge of science with a “black room” and university professors with pearls. He hopes that universities can become beacons and illuminate the way forward for students. For him, teachers must work hard to create the necessary sparks that will illuminate students’ scientific research ability.

Ren Zengfei he said that we should love every child because I do not know which child will light the spark of the world. He said: “The stars do not ask for travelers, time pays”. When he came to Southeastern University, he found that there were many professors sitting on the bench. This is China’s hope. China’s 5,000-year history has left a valuable culture of cultivation and reading, and all parents hope their children will study. Finally, Ren Zhengfei hopes that in 20 to 30 years, China can become a center of innovation.

Recently, the CEO of Huawei has visited Chinese universities. On July 30, he took Huawei executives and team of experts to visit Fudan University’s Handan campus. On July 29, Ren Zengfei and his companion also visited Shanghai Jiaotong University. With these visits, Huawei also hopes to encourage professionals to put more effort into research.

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