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If you live in the United States and purchased a pair of Wireless Powerbeats 2 before August 7, then you could soon receive payment for the supposed device. According MacRumorsApple has agreed to pay $ 9.75 million after being accused of falsely advertising the so-called “bad” headphones as “sweat and water resistant” and “construction to last”. However, some users report that these claims were not true. In addition, the headphones will stop holding their charge after “minimal use”. The company did not admit that there was a problem with Powerbeats 2 in 2014. However, it said it was easier and cheaper to fix without having to go to court. As a result, Apple agreed to pay $ 9.75 million.

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Interestingly enough, the initial complaint claims that Apple 2016 Powerbeats 3 headphones were also defective. However, the settlement only mentions Powerbeats 2, which were first released in 2014.

Users could receive up to $ 189 per purchase receipt

All users who want to file a claim can do so by filling out a form on the lawsuit website by November 20th. The amount you could get out of treatment will vary depending on several factors. It includes a number of people claiming the lawsuit, whether you provide proof of purchase, or if there is information about repairing or replacing your headphones under warranty. According to document, users could receive up to a theoretical maximum of $ 189 per purchase receipt.

Of course, users will still have to wait for the final hearing scheduled for January 15th. On that date, the court will finally decide whether the $ 9.75 million settlement is enough. For those who own or own Powerbeats 2, claims can be submitted electronically through the settlement website. It also includes more information about the settlement agreement. Those who want to participate in the settlement must do so by November 20, 2020.

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It is interesting to see the end of this case. Especially the solution adopted by the Cupertino-based company. Instead of having to spend in court, the company decides to pay for the defective products. Even if, Apple denies all allegations regarding Powerbeats 2. We are curious to see if the 2016 PowerBeats will also be added to this lawsuit in the coming months. It will definitely increase the amount that Apple has to pay.

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