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According to new information from Sensor and Statis, Apple reached a record $ 22.2 billion in gaming app revenue in the App Store in the first six months of 2020. That represents nearly 23% annual growth, which managed $ 18.1 billion in incoming gambling for in the first half of 2019 In the period April-June alone, Apple earned a whopping $ 11.6 billion, while the Google Play Store managed the same period of $ 7.7 billion. Based on this it is impossible not to say that the range of games is a growing segment of smartphones.

The huge revenue comes from mobile games

Overall, the Cupertino-based company generated 52% more revenue from mobile games in the first half of 2020 compared to Google. The search giant raised a total of $ 14.6 billion. One area in which Google has surpassed Apple is the total mobile game download category with 22.8 billion installations at H1 2020 compared to 5.7 billion from the App Store.

According to Sensor Tower, in the first quarter of 2020, Google Play reached 10.4 billion mobile game downloads. This is a huge 39% jump from year to year. The number of downloads continued to grow, reaching 12.4 billion in the second quarter of the year. Statistics show the total number of downloads in the Google Play store in the first half of 2020. It exceeds 22.8 billion, an increase of 52% year on year.

These numbers are a good way to show the growing number of users involved during the pandemic. According to recent information from SensorTower, PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings were the top two games in the first half of 2020. Both games earned over $ 1 billion in revenue for the period. Interestingly enough, Monster Stricke completed the podium with estimated revenue of up to $ 632 million.

It is interesting to see how these numbers reflect the overall growth of the mobile gaming range. Growing from 2018, however, this year we had another factor to consider – COVID – 19. With billions stuck at home, mobile games have become one of the most viable options. The lock-in played a big role, but even after that, we continue to experience an increase in gaming revenue.

This is especially important for Apple, as the company wants to reduce its reliance on hardware. Earlier reports indicated that Apple Arcade was far from the original intentions of the company. With that in mind, the App Store has a thing or two to teach the company. Interest in mobile games is certainly not the reason for the low loyalty of Apple Arcade.

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