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Still uncertain about its future, Huawei continues, despite everything, to continue its projects and product lines. We know that the commercial watch marks the manufacturer. Indeed, since mid-September, the business has become tough with almost no ability to continue trading with regular partners (Samsung, WD, Micron, Kioxia and, most recently, Sharp). Chips, screens, memories… difficult for Huawei to maintain a normal production rate, but AMD could help.

Indeed, after Qualcomm, Samsung, SK Hynix and MediaTek, another noise expansion follows. A partnership with none other than AMD that has been successful for many months. According to a copy of a conference between Ross Seymore and Forrest Norrod, all of which were rebroadcast by Chinese sources yesterday, September 18, the representative of AMD confirmed that the company has obtained a license to supply Huawei and it is not expected that the US “ban Huawei” will have a significant impact on AMD’s business.

The Chinese are buying Huawei devices en masse despite rising prices

As part of what is happening in China, the prices of Huawei smartphones have risen. Prices for selected models have already increased by 40% compared to January of this year. For example, the cost of the already expensive Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design increased by $ 443.7. On average, the cost of the company’s devices increased by $ 60-74. Wholesale device shipments are purchased in minutes. Electronics retailers need to hurry as prices for Huawei devices rise almost every hour.

The high demand for the company’s devices in China is because many decided to have time to buy a smartphone before disappearing from stores. Consumers understand that Huawei will not have enough stock of processors for a long time. So in the future, they will not be able to buy gadgets from this manufacturer. Because their release will be stopped.

Wallpapers Huawei P40

Analysts say the company’s stock of parts will be enough by the middle of next year. Of course, much will depend on the pace of production that Huawei will follow. Most likely, it will follow the path of reducing its own range of models and will also introduce restrictions on the number of gadgets produced.

I must say that Chinese users, driven by patriotic feelings, all the time after the imposition of sanctions in May 2019, actively support Huawei, actively buying its smartphones. It is based on the patriotism of the Chinese that the success of the company in the mobile phone market this year is based. And we have to pay tribute to them now that they have not left Huawei, but continue to actively buy its smartphones.

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