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Good build quality, excellent sound experience, ear hooks, good battery life


Bulky, no wireless charging, No aptX

Amazfit is a brand known for accessories such as fitness watches and fitness trackers and it does very well in this area. But lately, it has branched out into other more lucrative segments, such as the thriving and popular wireless headset category. And one of the most interesting products of the company is the new Amazfit Powerbuds that was just released in India a few days ago. The buds are the company’s first TWS offering in the Indian market, although it made its debut in other products at CES this year for the global public. Amazfit sent us a Powerbuds rating unit and we were really excited to try them out. Here are our thoughts.

In the box:

Inside the retail box, we have the buds inside the case, the charger and a USB-C cable. There is also some reading material. The magnetic hooks also rest on the roof of the case.

Some quick tips to mention about Amazfit Powerbuds:

Heart rate monitoring via PPG, hook design with separate ears, water resistance IP55, ENC noise reduction and more. For more details, here is a link to the start story.

Amazfit Powerbuds: Design

Amazfit Powerbuds design

Unlike other round or circular headphones, the Powerbuds have an additional unit located just below the main body. This is the PPG heart rate monitor that makes the buds stand out more than others. However, it is an in-ear design and Amazfit has made sure to provide extra removable magnetic ear hooks which is a very nice and much needed addition. The build quality is also very good and excellent. Each bud weighs 6g, while the charging case feels slightly heavy at 57g. The headphones are IP55 certified for water and dust resistance, but this does not extend into the charging case. So you can work out with it, but you can not swim with the buds.

Amazfit Powerbuds design

In terms of application, the default ones were good and comfortable for us, so we did not try the other three tips included. Most ears are covered in these four sizes and for extra precaution, ear hooks will offer good extra safety. The buds get a strong grip as soon as the hooks are added and we felt more confident to run with them. Without them, not so much. However, if you are just relaxing, you do not need to use them. Remember, every ear size and shape is different and your experience may be different. So be sure to play with the custom options provided. For me personally, it was a comfortable and enjoyable experience and I wore it more than I do for most other buds I use.

Amazfit Powerbuds case

The pill-shaped case also has a soft but thick finish, which I much prefer. And this helps to avoid stains and scratches. The lid, as well as the inside of the case, are all of good quality. There is also attention to detail with magnets sticking to the buds of the case. This prevents them from accidentally falling when opening the lid. It has a USB-C charging port and a small LED light.


The battery life of Amazfit Powerbuds is definitely outstanding. It lasts about 6.5 hours of moderate use, sometimes a little less, sometimes more. The case can be further extended to a further 16 hours (with the case) giving a firm 24 hour backup. Suffice it to say, we were glad we were not worried about an entire working day. However, there is no wireless charging here, but that does not complain about its price point. There is also no quick charge, so it takes about two hours to fully refresh. Although Amazfit claims three hours of playback for 15 minutes. And that’s a lot for the battery, it’s one of the longest lasting headphones out there and also one of the features I like. I have not yet tested the battery life, but will do so in the coming days.

Audio and call quality

The first thing that stands out about Amazfit Powerbuds sound to me is the clarity and stereo effect. At the price point, it is quite good. At full volume, there is enough bass to beat that you will not complain. But it does not reduce the middle and the low. I found the recording to be balanced enough that I did not want to change it. The middle and low were also good. In these higher volumes, there is enough noise cancellation to make you completely forget about the outside world. What’s even better is how you can customize the recording to your liking through the app’s equalizer. So if you want better bass, this can be adjusted to some degree. However, there is no support for Hi-Res encoders, such as aptX or LDAC.

The quality of the call is ok, nothing is too good, nothing too bad. The headset has a fixed Bluetooth 5.0 connection which ensures that it will not be interrupted between your calls and the range is also quite decent. Ear detection is also good and stops the sound without much error when you take out a headset. You can walk away from your phone up to 10 meters (even with the walls in between) and it will stay connected. I had no problems with connectivity. Overall, the Amazfit Powerbuds pleased me with the quality of the music they offered. And the equalizer settings have added some flexibility that you will not find in many headphones at its price.

Heart rate monitoring and Amazfit application

PPG heart rate monitoring features in Powerbuds are rare to see under Rs 6,999. But it is only the right ear that supports it. Also, it only works in the training mode activated by the smartphone. There are some basic ways like running, cycling and jogging. If your heart rate starts to rise a lot during a workout, the buds will alert you. Since I have been locked in my house most of the time unfortunately due to the current situation, I was not able to test the sensor adequately. It should be noted that the sensor is not as accurate as the ECG sensors. And I would personally prefer a smart band that can actively watch all the time and also have basic information. Although the sensor on the buds is always a good addition, but it would be nice if it was not limited to the training mode.

The Amazfit application is quite simple and easy to set up. Once installed, it guides you through a visual guide to adjusting the buds and it is quite easy. The buds themselves are very easy to connect to Bluetooth as well. I plan to try it out a bit more in the coming days and I will update the review soon with more pictures and thoughts.

Is Amazfit Powerbuds for you?

Amazfit Powerbuds offer above-average sound quality for the average user and plenty of bass. Add to that the comfort and battery life of all day and the Amazfit Powerbuds are a great choice at Rs 6,999. In addition, they are quite versatile for use in training due to the hooks which is another great advantage. Therefore, I should not recommend them to a simple listener. For fans of audio or Hi-Res audio, you should look elsewhere.

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