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A new Battle Pass landed for Respawnables Heroes. Adds 51 new levels to move on, unlocking neat rewards at every turn. The first of these new goodies is a rare skin for the Brock character. In addition, players will be able to win new equipment, legendary skins and more. However, there are even more!


The biggest advantage of the new battle fight is definitely a new hero named Specter. According to the game, he is a “free spirit of Russian origin and unknown faith” who has built a reputation as a first-class recon operator. We just hope that the new hero will add many unique game features to Respawnables Heroes.

Specter has a long distance feature that allows players to use the good old zoner style. In addition, it comes with a secret ability. However, its attacks are quite effective against distant enemies. In addition, it can use augmented vision to magnify the action from a safe and remote location. According to design director Alvaro Rica, the new hero opens up new dimensions on maps when exploring open spaces or lurking at high altitudes. It is worth noting that Specter can cross the map completely using the easy-to-use powers of the invisible. This allows it to be repositioned when needed and to escape many difficult situations.

Respawnable Heroes are still in early access for iOS and Android. The game is available as a free game from both App Store and Google Play platforms.


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