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If you are a fan of action games but have an open mind, then there is a new visually funny game coming for Android called Outbreak room. In a section flooded with battle royale and other competitive games, Outbreak Chamber comes to conquer its space with beautiful cartoon games and an interesting idea. The new game is available in beta and marks the arrival of Indie Developer Hank Kellstrom on the mobile game scene. It will arrive on Android devices on September 1st.

It’s a funny game, especially when the idea plays with the current state of the world. The game is located in a scientific facility called Hatch Labs. There are a lot of mutated germs that infect the building and now they are trying to escape. You will have the difficult task of preventing them from escaping and infecting the world with unknown and dangerous diseases. You will need to sort the different color variations and include them all together.

You have the tools you need to prevent a disaster

The idea is simple. You must drag the germs of the specified colors into their respective colored boxes before they flood your screen. If you drag germs of different colors, you will damage the box. Similarly, if they do not contain them quickly enough, they will explode and bounce around the screen, further damaging the machine. Every correct action increases your overall score, while making mistakes will reduce it. The game uses a known three star system based on your score.

Outbreak Chamber is a fast paced action sorting game for Android ...

The contained germs will become colored cubes that can be used to develop new tools to deal with the threat. You can get antibodies that come in different varieties. Each of them has a set of unique abilities to help you save your world. In addition, you can also get some unique gadgets to help you with your mission.

The game is available in the Google Play Store in early access form. It will be released on September 1st as a free game title. As you may know, this is accompanied by the inclusion of in-app purchases.


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