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Last month, we reported that developer Onion Games plans to bring the popular classic Anti-RPG title called Moon to the West. Launched in 1997, the developers brought their title to the masses. For those who do not know, Moon has not arrived outside of Japan since its official release. In fact, it was created even in the regional language.

As mentioned, Moon has now reached the Nintendo Switch platform and is ready for pre-orders. Developers have now mentioned the title in the Switch eShop. It will be released next week. Coming to pricing, the game will refund you $ 18.99 if you pre-order it before August 27th. The title will then be available to buyers.

Moon is a classic anti-RPG title that you should definitely see!

Remember, it’s one of the classic anti-RPG titles out there. The game follows a very interesting story of a young boy who suddenly gets stuck on his TV under the silver light of a full moon. The player in the game enters a classic JRPG title called “Moon World”. The game tends to offer a crazy cast of weird and wonderful NPCs.

In this anti-RPG experience, you must save monster souls by following the daily life of Moon World NPC in real time, day and night, all week. You can also collect dozens of “MoonDiscs” to discover original songs that you can use as a background effect.


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