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As you all know, Apple has threatened Epic Games to remove Fortnite from the Apple App Store. Google also asked them to remove Fortnite from the Google Play Store. The responsibility does not lie with the tech giants, but with Epic Games themselves, as they violated both companies’ policies. But now Microsoft is here to support Epic Games.


When they violate store policies, Apple gave them a legal notice. But to work on that, Epic Game launched an event and invited the entire online community. This event went live for one day, at this event you had to complete 14 races and receive rewards. They also distribute great physical rewards such as PS4 pro, Android phone, Nintendo Switch etc. They did nothing about it. Apple then removed Fortnite from the App Store. Not only Fortnite Apple removed all the toys that used the Epic Unreal engine.

Microsoft helps Epic, but why?

Microsoft Supports Epic Games at Apple Fighting Unrealistic Machine Access |  PCMag

After all this drama, the most tragic part is that Microsoft is here to help Epic Games regain its lost value. Kevin Gammill, General Manager of Microsoft Company Game Development Experience, Formally Submitted Support for Epic Games for a Temporary Restriction Order If you thought he wanted to be a hero and helping epic games would give him a fan base. No, it did so because Apple removed a list of non-real epic games. This includes Forza Street, which was developed by Microsoft.

Forza Street is removed from the Apple App Store but not from the Google Play Store. As Google is not so strict. But there the problem is not the austerity. Apple has some serious problems with Epic games. Google also got Fortnite from the Play Store, but did not say many words to them. He is the same as a street boy taking revenge on stupid things that had no power over the moral giant.

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