Doom also plays on the Nintendo Game & Watch [βίντεο]

The Doom continues its legend, as it seems that it can be played even on a device with its features Nintendo Game & Watch. Maybe Nintendo’s new laptop is designed to runs just three games, but the Doom metaphor shows the opposite.

Of course, in order for that to happen, several things had to change in the game. Initially, the developers they removed the sound, while the quality of the textures was significantly reduced. Even so, Doom does not run perfectly, but it does playable format. Also, a big problem was the capacity, as a version of the game had to be created that could hold only 1.1 MB of memory.

Doom also plays on the Nintendo Game & Watch [βίντεο]

Even with these changes, however, developers had to overcome the firmware hurdles and create a code that they put directly into Nintendo’s Game & Watch external storage. Anyway, the result is impressive and proves once again that Doom can run really everywhere, with a little effort.


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